RGT Update. June 9, 2021


June 15 2021

Our Church Board agreed and voted to move forward with the following reopening guidelines set forth by our City and State.

The city of San Francisco intends to align with the State Beyond the Blueprint guidance that removes nearly all local COVID-19 related restrictions beginning June 15, with some narrow exceptions for mega events.

 Starting Tuesday, June 15 2021, San Francisco will fully reopen and eliminate capacity limits and almost all local restrictions on business operations in alignment with the State’s Beyond the Blueprint for Industry and Business Sectors.

Starting next Sunday June 20 2021 here at RGT we also will follow the guidelines.

Those who feel comfortable and do not want to wear a mask you do not have to, and those of you who want to continue to wear a mask you can.

We will take down all of the ribbons that have separated our pews in regards to create social distancing and invite all those who would like to come to church can do so at this time.

We want to respect one another. Show compassion and understanding.

We will continue as always having live streaming and those who are still more comfortable due to illness etc. they can stay home and watch on line, God bless you! But we encourage everyone to come to church!

If you feel ill and not well we ask you to refrain from coming into the church building and to please stay home until you are well.

Look forward to seeing you all back at church!
God bless!