Sr. Pastors



Yuriy Georgiev
Sr. Pastor
2007 – present

Was born in Ukraine in 1958. In 1994 Yuriy
Georgiev was ordained for the ministry
of Evangelist Pastor in Odessa. In
1997 he immigrated with his family to
the United States of America to the city
of  San Francisco.


Aleksandr Shevcenko
Sr. Pastor
1968 – 2007

Was born in China in 1939.
From there his family migrated to
the Philippines then to Paraguay and
eventually to the United States.
He became the pastor of RGT
upon his father’s retirement.



Aleksandr Shevcenko
Founder, Builder and Sr. Pastor
1959 – 1985

He was born in Ukraine in 1913. Through
the leading of the Holy Spirit he and his
family fled to China during very difficult
times  and eventually came to reside in
San Francisco, California via the
Philippines and Paraguay. Pastor died December 22, 1990.


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