SFGC has always been a “missions oriented church” beginning with the days, over fifty years ago, when the Senior Sunday School class would send their monetary offerings to India for the orphans or to support an orphanage in South America.

In the more recent past, we’ve had teams going into Russia, Byelorussia, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and other parts of the former Soviet Union bringing the good news of the gospel along with humanitarian assistance.

For over 15 years we have been a part of “Mission to Mexico” where our teams build homes for the poor. We also continue to have strong connections with India through Pastor Dave’s teaching ministry. Throughout the years SFGC continues to support many missionaries as they travel the world sharing the gospel.







David Dumanovsky
“Desert Stream” ministries
India, Mexico, ukraine


Peter Radchuk
“Good Samaritan” ministries
Argentina, India, Russia, Ukraine


Peter Ilyin
Youth with a mission” ministries
Russia, Ukraine


George Davidyuk
George Davidyuk ministries
India, Ukraine


Alex & Marta Gorelik
“Voice of the Children” ministries
Russia, Armenia


John Michno
Assembles of God Missions
Russia, Ukraine


Viktor Gaiduchik
Assembles of God Missions
Russia, Ukraine


Dmitriy kosak
Assembles of God Missions
China, Russia


Anatoly Lastivka
Assembles of God Missions
Russia, Ukraine



David Dumanovsky
“Desert Stream” ministries



In 2003 George Davidiuk posed a question that struck my inner core. “Dave, will you consider joining me on a Missions Trip to India?” After some prayer and consideration I replied with a “yes”. Ten years later we are still ministering in Chennai India, near the Bay of Bengal. Our entire week in India is devoted to delivering God’s word in various capacities. While there George and I each teach a class at the “Youth With A Mission” base. Some of our other ministry work in India includes working with the lepers.

We strive to meet their needs through a hands-on approach while visiting their colonies. We reach out to the orphan children by showing our love through care packages and supplies. We also desire to build up the ministries of Indian pastors and students. Many of them work relentlessly to bring the name of Jesus into their villages. We help by supplying them with technical equipment and monetary support. Lastly, we do our best to provide humanitarian aid wherever it is needed. We appreciate all the prayers and financial support of this ministry. God Bless!

P. David Dumanovsky. 

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