ISOM School of Ministry



International School of Ministry (ISOM) was founded by Dr. Berin Gilfillan and
his wife, Dr. Lisa Gilfillan. It all started in Nigeria. They decided to experiment with a video program they put together to start a church based training center inside each local congregation. The results were inspiring: during an 18-month period over 4,000 students were registered and 140 training schools were opened in Nigeria alone. Encouraged by the outstanding results of the first experiment, Dr. Berin expanded the program to other countries, such as Russia, Latin America, China, India and even in developed regions like North America, Europe and Australia. The purpose of the program is to facilitate multiplication growth of the Church all over the world. The program is divided into a systematic, five-trimester training program.
If three hours of material are covered each week, each trimester takes
roughly 12 weeks to complete. At this pace, the entire five trimesters takes about a year and a half to finish. Each video lesson is loaded with profound wisdom shared by some of the greatest Christian leaders of the world: Jack Hayford, Joyce Meyer, John Bevere, Reinhardt Bonnke, Marilyn Hickey, Bill Winston, T.L. Osborn, A.R. Bernard, Brian Houston and many others. Today ISOM is an established well known video Bible school all over the world with more than 14,000 training sites in 141 nations and is translated into more
than 65 languages.




ISOM is:
A church-based video training program. • An opportunity for every willing person in the Church to be trained for ministry.

A school where knowledge, character, and spiritual gifts are equally taught.

A complete training curriculum, including a facilitator’s guide, workbooks,
group discussions, homework assignments and tests.

A program that respects pastoral leadership and authority. Various educational institutions also grant credit for ISOM coursework. The Russian Gospel Temple started this video program in 2000, but due to various circumstances only the first trimester was finished. The program resumed in 2005 and the first 23 students graduated two years later. In 2008 fifteen people enrolled in school and successfully graduated in 2011.


We are now registering students for the new school year. If you have any questions, please email Mike Khomyak (




ISOM Student Testimonies: Lilya Mukha:
The school was a wonderful blessing for me.
Each theme, each lesson was a feast for my soul. I have a lot of stories to share, but I would like to talk about my challenges with home assignments. Some assignments were easy, but some required more time and effort especially for writing essays. Usually I skipped these assignments saying
they were not appropriate for me.
One day a sister from our group shared her revelation that it was equally important for us to do home assignments both in school and at home, when nobody sees you. Suddenly, I had fear of God and my attitude changed towards homework. Even though I didn’t know what to write about, I would start the first sentence and before too long, my whole page would be filled out. After that, God helped me each time I needed to write essays on profound subjects. Elena Dolotova:
The Lord started working with my family when
I started ISOM. My husband went to church regularly, but he wasn’t a member of the church and he wasn’t even saved. After a short time of my study at ISOM, my husband gave his heart to Jesus, was baptized and now follows our Lord. Praise be to Him!
Raya Migidyuk:
God can do anything with us. He gave us an amazing opportunity to study as an answer to our prayer in the women’s prayer group. We have got to know our God very closely. We have learnt that He can use us, our legs and hands and eyes for His purpose. We have become more sincere and open and I am very hopeful that we will continue
to learn throughout our whole life.

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