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Buddy Bell “A Pastor’s Friend” Helps International, Inc

The Ministry of Helps International is truly a “Ministry That Helps The Local Church.” Over 30 years ago, Dr. Buddy Bell obeyed the call of God to be a “Pastor’s Friend” to Pastors within the Body of Christ. Through his travels across the globe, Dr. Bell has had the opportunity to teach on HELPS: Having Enough Loving People Serving in more than 3,000 churches. Dr. Bell has trained thousands of ushers and greeters thru the Serve Workshop and has held hundreds of Team Workshops around the world. Now with the help of live broadcasting , video and audio on the internet Dr. Bell is fulfilling the vision of being on thousands of church staffs around the world. Click on Ministry Training below and let Dr. Bell help you train your volunteers. “A Pastor’s Friend” Since 1977, Dr. Buddy Bell has been serving pastors and families in the local church. Because of his faithfulness and commitment to serve, God has anointed him to teach on the Ministry of Helps. In 1986, he founded Ministry of Helps International, Inc. in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he serves as president. His insights into the much-needed message of the Ministry of Helps have enabled countless people to find and fulfill their place in the Body of Christ. In June of 2006, Dr. George Walters, president of Faith Theological Seminary and Christian College in Tampa, Florida, and its Board of Directors, presented Dr. Buddy Bell with an honorary degree of Doctor of Divinity. Dr. Bell is also an international teacher, trainer of champions, and a successful author, with the books The Ministry of Helps Handbook, revealing how to be totally effective serving in the Ministry of Helps; Ushering 101, which is the most complete manual available for ushers today; and Greeting 101, giving easy steps to greeting in the local church. In addition, he has produced Usher Training System 101, Development of Local Church Membership, Development of Local Church Leadership, and 20 teaching DVD’s. More than 10,000 churches worldwide are utilizing these materials. Dr. Bell has traveled to over 3,000 churches, teaching and helping church staff and congregations work together with far greater effectiveness. With humor, zeal, and an anointing from God to present the Ministry of Helps, he motivates people by awakening them to the power and plan of the Holy Spirit for accomplishing the work of the ministry through every believer.  




Henry Falany EVANGELIST Mariposa Revival Center

Henry & Grace are revivalists with a “fire shut up in their bones.” They minister with a passion through the “gifts of the Holy Spirit.” Their main purpose is to bring a fresh revelation of the healing and miracle ministry of Jesus Christ to the church. Consequently many healings manifest in their meetings. Also, many of the pastors and leaders where they minister are amazed at the details and accuracy that the Lord gives Grace in the “seers/personal prophetic word” ministry. Since the recent release of Henry’s new book, “God, Gold & Glory ~ the California Contribution,” (www.godgoldandglory.com) their ministry has also been focusing on fanning the fires of passion for seeking His face and fervent prayer in the Golden State and America. They are encouraging and turning whole California ministries around – from being hopeless and discouraged to just the opposite. They are exposing the devil’s lie about California and depositing a leadership attitude and helping the body re-discover that California is key to the global end-time harvest – indeed they are chosen “For such a time as this!”  




Anatoliy Lastivka EVANGELIST Last Harvest Global

Anatoliy Lastivka received the Lords calling to bring the gospel to the lost at the age of thirteen. He began preaching actively at the age of seventeen, and since then his ministry has been growing. Through Last Harvest Global, Anatoliy witnessed God saving, healing, and restoring countless ruined lives in the former Soviet Union and in the United States. During the last fifteen years of his work, he has never seen greater passion and thirst for God especially among young people. After coming to America by the prompting of the Holy Spirit, he studied English with fervent desire to preach the gospel everywhere possible and to work with the youth and older generation by organizing Revival meetings, Evangelical crusades and planting new churches. To be a part of and witness the end times is a privilege for followers of Christ. As it is written in the book of Joel. I believe that this generation is and will become partakers of a great spiritual movement and fire from God. After coming to America by the prompting of the Holy Spirit, he studied English with fervent desire to preach the gospel everywhere possible and to work with the youth and older generation by organizing Revival meetings, Evangelical crusades and planting new churches. I believe that this generation is and will become partakers of a great spiritual movement and fire from God.  




George Davidiuk EVANGELIST George Davidiuk Ministries

Born on – May 4, 1954, in Newark, New Jersey of Ukrainian parents who escaped from the former Soviet Union during the Second World War and arrived in the US in 1950. Having been reared in a pastor’s home, learned to speak Ukrainian fluently as our church was multilingual. At the age of five, I distinctly remember arguing with my dad as to why I had to attend Ukrainian school on Saturday mornings. I will never forget his answer which later turned out to be very prophetic: “Son, one day the borders will open up and Ukraine will become a free nation. God will send you there to preach the Gospel in our native language so you must prepare by learning to speak more fluently.” Those words proved to be extremely accurate as I have visited Ukraine eighty six times and have ministered the Gospel in every major city! From the young age of sixteen I sang in a singing group for twelve years, touring North America and Europe several times. Our first journey to the USSR was under communism in 1973, traveling as tourists. This caused such a stir among the registered churches in each of the fifteen major cities visited during that historic 50 day trip. They were facing difficult times of persecution and what a great encouragement it was for them to see five young people from the US, singing and testifying boldly in their own language to them! While traveling in Europe in 1973, singing at an International Youth Conference held in Sweden, I was tremendously impacted by the ministry of a missions organization called Youth With A Mission, or YWAM as it is better known. Loren Cunningham, their International Director, encouraged me to attend their school of ministry and I did this in Lausanne, Switzerland at their School of Evangelism in 1975. Further training was received at Genesis Training Institute and later their School of Ministries in Santa Rosa, California, 1978-1979. Upon graduation, I received ministerial credentials with the California District of the Assemblies of God, then after two years of practical ministry, accepted the pastorate of the Ukrainian Evangelical AG Church in Union, New Jersey and became ordained with the NJ District. This was the church that my father pastored for thirty years and now I had the privilege of serving them. Since that historic visit in 1973, we have visited Ukraine 90 times and helped to establish several new churches which are presently thriving. Another aspect of our ministry is that we love to link up with other ministries for evangelism and have done so by translating men of God such as Lowell Lundstrom, Loren Cunningham, Reinhard Bonnke and David Yonggi Cho in major outreaches in Ukraine. Our home church in Union, NJ was bi-lingual and we had to translate our services in 2 languages on a consistent basis. As a result, our translation skills were maintained on a very professional level. It was a tremendous privilege to translate Franklin Graham into Ukrainian in Kyiv’s Olympic Stadium where crowds of of up to 42,000 came for three evenings in July to hear the Gospel preached. Over 6 thousand decisions were officially recorded. Presently, the thrust of my ministry is threefold: First, continuing to record music that prepares the heart for evangelism. Secondly, conducting evangelistic outreaches in new, unreached areas of Ukraine, and thirdly, teaching on personal discipleship and missions in Bible schools around the world. Together with my wife Esty, we live in Lake Park near Charlotte, North Carolina.   line4  


Juri Popov SENIOR PASTOR Beth Shalom Ministries

Juri Popov was born on December 10, 1961 in Sarata, a village in the suburbs of Odessa. His father was a pastor of a local Pentecostal church. From early childhood, the word of God formed the ideology and character of Juri. In 1985, in the city of Tallinn, he started his ministry in the “Church of the Full Gospel” as an elder of the church and the leader of the worship group. In 1989, Juri Popov founded a new church in the same city which was named “Church of the New Testament” and he served there as pastor over the span of five years. In 1994, Pastor Juri Popov arrived in the United States of America in the state of California upon the invitation of several Russian-speaking churches. Within the year, he preached in many Russian and American churches of different denominations. His services took place with the support of American pastors Robert Saunders and Ron Lewis. During this time, in one cramped apartment in Brooklyn, New York, Jewish believers in Jesus Christ gathered and prayed. They were once again without a church and they missed fellowship, sermons and worship. Juri Popov was greeted with hospitality there and he preached to this group for a period of time. God called him to be a pastor to them. Soon afterwards, in 1996, the church named “Beth Shalom”, a translation from Hebrew meaning “House of Peace”, was officially registered and began its weekly services. Through Juri Popov’s sermons and ministry of healing and deliverance hundreds of people have received salvation and have been able to obtain freedom in the Lord. At the present time, Pastor Juri Popov along with his wife and three children live in New Jersey.   line4  


Peter Iliyn SPEAKER “Youth with a mission” ministries

Peter Iliyn was born in Paraguay to parents who emigrated from Russia. Raised in the Russian culture and language, he continued his education at the University of California, Berkeley, where he earned his BS in electrical engineering and material science. Peter joined Youth With A Mission (YWAM) in 1976, and has been able to cross barriers throughout the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe with his ministry. Peter has traveled and ministered in over seventy-five countries across Asia, South America, Australia, and throughout Eastern and Western Europe. Currently he is the North American Director for YWAM. He and his wife Luba have four children and live in Jefferson, Oregon.   line4   NIKOLAI_PANKRATZ_2

Nikolai Pankratz

Nikolai Pankratz left the former Soviet Union in 1974 and graduated in America from Word of Life Bible school and Liberty University  majoring in TV and radio (Media) and Music composition. While still in school he recorded many songs going back all away to 1975 when he first started working with Earl Poysti (Ярл Николаевич Пейсте). His programs would start with “Коля, Петя, Саша идите слушать радио!” (Nick, Peter, Sasha go to listen to the radio!)  These, in fact were the first gospel recordings ever made in the Russian language totaling over 140 songs which can be found today in the Russian hymnals. Mr. Pankratz was only 17 at that time and his Russian CDs are being released for the first time to the Russian speaking community. The American albums listed had many hit songs and were played in United States on radio and TV. Mr. Pankratz was a frequent guest on many TV and radio talk shows both secular and Christian enabling him to minister to large crouds, churches, festivals and crusades (youth and old alike) in America. This work differed from the radio shows broadcasted into Russia through Alex Leanovich, Michael Morgulis and Earl Poysti (Ярл Николаевич Пейсте) who catered more to conservative crowds in the former Sovient Union. When Mr. Pankratz visits a Slavic church he sings a few songs in the Russian language such as “О молитва” (“The Prayer”) and “Скоро день тот придет” (“Soon that day will come”) and gives an invitation following a message. His visit to the Slavic speaking community is a historic event since for the first time Russian people get to hear and meet the person behind the so many Russian songs and radio programs they grew up with. The reaction of the people is incredible and many respond to an invitation after the message. The youth is also challenged because of all the work and hit songs he had in America.
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