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    Please list all names or number of members in your household that do not fill out the form but will be attending connect groups:

    1. I desire to participate in connect groups yesno
    2. I desire to be a leader or assist the leader yesno
    3. I desire to open my house for connect group meetings yesno

    4. I am willing to minister in:
    A. Serving with transportation yesno
    B. Preparing Snacks yesno
    C. Praying for needs yesno

    5. I am able to join groups in the following regions: (Rank 1st, 2nd, etc.)
    A. San Francisco (house)
    B. San Francisco (church)
    C. Peninsula (San Mateo County)
    D. South Bay (Santa Clara County)
    E. East Bay (Alameda/Contra Costa County)
    F. North Bay (Marine County)

    6. Please indicate your most preferred city for connect group meetings:

    7. Select preferred day and time to meet:
    Monday - MorningAfternoonEvening
    Tuesday - MorningAfternoonEvening
    Wednesday - MorningAfternoonEvening
    Thursday - MorningAfternoonEvening
    Friday - MorningAfternoonEvening
    Saturday - MorningAfternoonEvening
    Sunday - MorningAfternoonEvening

    8. Indicate your language preference:
    EnglishRussianWith Translation

    9. Specify preferred connect group age and family status:
    AnyYouthYoung CouplesFamily with Kids
    Other (specify)

    10. Your preference of study materials for connect group:
    A. Pastor's Sunday Sermon yesno
    B. Main Sunday Sermon yesno
    C. Individually Prepared by Leader of Connect Group yesno
    D. Bible Study ( by theme or verse by verse) yesno
    E. Courses of Theological Education (Alfa, LCC, ISOM, etc.) yesno

    11. Would you consider to combine Tuesday prayer meeting with Wednesday's Bible study into one day and split one hour for prayer and one hour to study the Word of God? If yes, indicate which day

    Any other suggestions

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